As a popular personal clothing and styling service through subscriptions, Stitch Fix is a great asset for the fashion industry. The company was founded by Katrina Lake in 2011. It has since then revolutionized the tailored experience. The way people are shopping for clothes and accessories has significantly changed. 


Individual style needs and preferences are part of the game now. The customer at the Stitch Fix blog will create an online profile. Included is their clothing size, style and budget preference. Their lifestyle and taste in fashion is also taken into consideration. 


This helps the algorithms of Stitch Fix to better match the taste and need of the client. Professional stylists will handpick a selection of accessories and clothes for the customer based on their profile. The items are sent to the customer where they can try the five clothing items at home. 


Then the feedback from the customer is noted. The selections help the stylists better understand the customer for future selections. As far as exchanges and returns work, a styling fee is put on the bill. All unwanted items will be sent back in a pre-paid Stitch Fix envelope. It’s as simple as that!


A customer can select from an on-demand, monthly or quarterly service where they will receive the clothing and accessory selection at their doorstep. 


This is to ensure that the wardrobe is replenished and refreshed every so often. New styles and defined personalized fashions will become a trend very fast with the successful and reliable Stitch Fix fashion blog users. It’s not only a quick and easy way to get fashionably dressed for adults, but kids can also find outfits that take seconds to put on and go to school or playgroups. Everybody can have fun in the family with Stitch Fix nowadays and it’s not even breaking the budget to look top notch!