Selling a home or other property in 2023 is a difficult task, even if you have a great estate agent on your side and are able to get in to see the listing. As Nick Milican recalls, more and more homes are being sold privately with the listing never even making it to public view. 


Others are going the traditional route and are being sold through agents. Specialists sayt that there are also homes that are being sold through ghost listings. Nick Millican explains that ghost listing is where the home is listed as not for sale on popular sites like Zoopla but the listing has no pictures.


They do not show a  floor plan and very little personal information about the listing. So, what does this do? Nick Millican explains. First, it makes the home accessible without sharing a ton of information about the home and while protecting the seller so that their home is not pasted all over the internet for everyone to see. 


Real estate agent and investment expert Nick Millican is a pro at all types of listings and is ready and waiting to help you find the perfect listing, be it a traditional listing or a ghost listing (Facebook). 


The right estate agent can make all the difference in the way that your listing goes and in how successful you are at finding the home that you love. The market is changing, and an agent like Nick Millican that has years of experience can help you get the listing of your dreams and get the home you have always wanted, no matter what type of listing it is.