Microsoft is a worldwide leader in software development and the process of creating software. Microsoft offers the software development community a wide range of products, services, and support. Tom Keane has been working at Microsoft for years and is currently a Corporate Vice President at Azure Global, focusing on tools product development. 


He has been involved in the planning and implementation of Microsoft. NET Framework since its inception. He has worked with the company’s language products for developers for over 15 years and has participated in the design of many profound developer platforms that have become industry standards.  Tom Keane is a recognized leader in developing Microsoft’s .NET Framework technologies and extensions. 


He has spearheaded the development of practical tools for managing software infrastructure, writing applications, and accessing data. In his role at Microsoft, he manages Azure global architecture working with product organizations to architect and implement product strategies to drive long‐term success. Tom Keane guide Azure product strategies, including platform innovations, frameworks, and tools across all Microsoft businesses, including MSFT Server & Tools Group.

Tom Keane On Technology Industry Standards

Azure has created a satellite channel that can harness data. Data collection and analysis is a massive leap for the space program and an excellent example of how Microsoft is part of the process. Tom Keane was instrumental in the process of providing just that. The two parties worked closely to create the satellite’s data software. 

Tom partners with other communities to enable more data collection Infrastructure to reach remote parts of Earth with high accuracy. Collaboration is a community empowerment procedure that allows people to achieve more. Tom Keane provides expertise to other multinational companies looking for new technology or wants to see how Microsoft products compare against their competitors. Tom can explain the difference between his applications from other companies and how they can work with Microsoft to improve their revenue.