Damien Granderson has over ten years of experience handling business transactions. He has worked with numerous high-profile clients in the music industry, Hollywood, and beyond. In addition to providing high-quality legal advice and service, Damien provides networking and social media strategy advice and security for clients who want to get ahead in business and be seen as an asset to their industry.


Damien Granderson practices law in Beverly Hills and New York and has a number of clients throughout the United States and Europe. He works with clients with various needs and wants in terms of legal representation, including but not limited to obtaining a legal opinion from an attorney regarding the enforceability of a contract, securing a contract for services rendered, and negotiating a contract for a fee.


It also includes securing a contract for an event, securing a contract for a speaking role, securing a contract for a production role, securing a contract for a production grant of authority, securing a contract for a production credit or securing a contract for a publishing role. Damien Granderson also specializes in securing a contract for a publishing grant of authority, securing a contract for a publishing credit, and securing a contract for a production credit.


At his firm, the successful entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson also serves as co-chair of the Entertainment Law and Entertainment Business Council. He regularly participates in public education and public discourse on entertainment law and policy. You’ll likely find him hiking, writing poems, or just relaxing on the beach in his free time. If you’re in the Los Angeles or New York areas, you can often find him at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

As an entertainment lawyer, your task would be negotiating for and against your behalf, fighting for the best deal possible. To do this, you’ll need to understand the content and value of each intellectual property (IP) you deal with and the applicable law. Damien Granderson adds that you’ll also need a solid understanding of the legal and regulatory facts and circumstances surrounding your customers’ businesses and the related legal and regulatory requirements for your particular licensees.

Damien Granderson has experience handling various types of transactions, including acquiring and disposing of goods and services. Also, he specializes in forming partnerships, conveying assets and liabilities, recording, distributing, and use of property, and the management and operating of a business. Additionally, he is recognized as a successful negotiator in real estate and personal injury, having been featured in different top publications.