Cordelia Scaife May was a remarkable woman whose philanthropic endeavors left a lasting
impact on society. Born into the esteemed Mellon family in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, May dedicated her life to strategic giving and championing causes
that reflected her deep concern for the environment and sustainable coexistence. 

From a young age, May understood the importance of responsible stewardship of resources. Through
her philanthropic journey, she sought to address the interconnectedness between
population dynamics and environmental sustainability. May recognized that uncontrolled
population growth could lead to increased demands on finite resources,
exacerbating environmental challenges. 

One of May’s passionately supported causes was the Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh
. Through sustained grants and personal involvement, May enabled WC&S to provide
safety, healing, and empowerment to survivors of abuse. Her support was
instrumental in the growth of the organization, as they broke cycles of
violence through care and counseling. 

Another area where May made a significant impact was in advocating for sustainable immigration.
She believed that a more thoughtful approach to immigration could help manage
population growth in the United States, reducing the strain on resources caused
by rapid expansion. May’s philanthropic initiatives included strategic efforts
to align immigration policies with her broader goals of environmental
conservation and sustainable development. 

In 1996, Cordelia Scaife May established the Colcom Foundation, a platform that
continues to address key issues related to resource sustainability and climate
change activism. Through her substantial endowment, May ensured that her
philanthropic vision would continue to create a lasting impact on the
preservation of natural resources for future generations. 

Cordelia Scaife May’s philanthropic legacy is one of compassion, foresight, and dedication to a
better world. Her strategic giving and commitment to sustainable coexistence
serve as an inspiration to others. May’s contributions have touched the lives
of countless individuals and have paved the way for a more environmentally
conscious and harmonious future. 

In summary, Cordelia Scaife May’s philanthropic journey exemplifies the power of strategic
giving and the importance of addressing the interconnectedness between
population dynamics and environmental sustainability. Through her support for
causes such as women’s empowerment and sustainable immigration, May left a
lasting legacy for a better and more sustainable world. Her contributions
continue to inspire and drive positive change for future generations. 

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