Kate Robertson, co-founder of the global forum One Young World, holds an ambitious dream. She envisions a time when
the leaders of nations are not merely politicians, but also One Young World
ambassadors. This idea is not simply a wishful musing; it’s a call for a
significant change in the global political arena. 

Growing up under apartheid in South Africa, Kate
Robertson understood the importance
of fair and just leadership. She believes that the
transformative leadership of figures like Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond
Tutu can be replicated by young leaders of today. Hence, her initiative, One
Young World, is aimed at empowering these young leaders to bring about change. 

One Young World is a platform where young leaders can share ideas, innovate, and collaborate on
solutions to global challenges. It has gained prominence for its efforts in
integrating these youthful leaders into the global decision-making process.
Robertson sees the potential in these young individuals and believes they can
be the change-makers the world needs.

One Young World’s impact is undeniable. The organization’s ambassador-led projects have
reportedly impacted over 5.7 million people across the globe. In 2022,
scholarships were granted to participants from 176 countries, with more than
40,000 people applying for these scholarship places. 

Kate Robertson also mentioned the need to involve young leaders in addressing climate change. She
believes that if the G20 leaders were One Young World ambassadors, more could
have been done about climate change 27 years ago after the Kyoto Protocol. 

In essence, Robertson seeks to inspire young leaders to make a difference in the world. She
firmly believes that if the current generation steps aside and allows these
young visionaries to take the lead, positive change will ensue. Through One
Young World, Kate Robertson hopes to see her dream of having One Young World
ambassadors leading the G20 nations become a reality. 

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