Hughes Marino is a design and construction firm that provides premier building solutions for various projects. The company is also involved in tenant representation, including providing tenant improvements, repair, and renovation services.


Hughes Marino offers several service levels to meet any building needs. They have several design specialists who can help with your project, from concept & design drawings to managing the construction process. Hughes Marino also has experienced construction managers who can supervise the project day-to-day throughout the process and oversee crew members during demolition & site prep work.


Construction management:

Up to now, the buyer and tenant representation company also serves as a general contractor (GC) and a prime contractor (PC). At Hughes Marino, the GC is responsible for coordinating the various services and contractors and managing the budget. 


The PC is the primary contractor on a project who hires other subcontractors and supervises their work. Customer satisfaction is paramount; the representation firm has a dedicated Client Services team to ensure that any concerns or issues are mitigated quickly before they escalate into more significant problems. Hughes Marino is currently the most reliable representation firm in practice.

Planning and design:

If you require tenant improvements, repair work, or renovation, Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm can and is there to help you. They have a team of designers, architects, and engineers who can take care of all the architectural plans and permits. At the rep firm, they have a large inventory of products to choose from, ranging from lighting & tile to furniture & fixtures (Twitter). 


You can also get additional or custom products manufactured for your specific needs. Regarding the construction phase, they have an experienced team of skilled contractors who can handle all the building repairs, additions, or remodeling you may require. At Hughes Marino, they also have a large selection of custom cabinetry and millwork for you to choose from as well. In addition to helping you plan your project, the buyer and tenant representation firm will manage it every step through completion.