Hughes Marino is one of the top commercial construction management firms globally. Since the firm started, it has grown into a global organization with many clients in the public and private ownerships. The Hughes Marino firm is prominent for its work in government construction, having managed big projects. At Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm, construction managers get supported by expert project engineers and architects to perform at their best. 


The Hughes Marino representation company is committed to promoting diversity, growth, and development among its employees. They achieve this by offering a wide range of training courses and support structures that help employees advance their careers.


Importance Of Commercial Construction 

Commercial construction creates everything from sprawling office parks to futuristic skyscrapers. This industry sector is booming, where new commercial construction projects are popping up by the day (Crunchbase). 


At Hughes Marino, they explain that commercial construction is essential because it supports and creates jobs in other sectors. Currently, the residential building is responsible for a considerable percentage of all new jobs in the construction industry, which provides a source of living for people. According to Hughes Marino CEO, construction is a dynamic industry that is constantly shifting, growing, and innovating. 

With so much change happening at once, professionals interested in working in this sector need to keep their skills up to date and train for specific opportunities. Working in construction management might be an excellent fit for you if you enjoy collaborating with people from different backgrounds while working on tangible projects. According to Hughes Marino CEO, this entry-level position involves analyzing blueprints, managing budgets and timelines, and scheduling work crews.