Michael Polk is an executive who has spent decades leading prominent consumer product companies.
Recently, Polk has moved to the forefront of the athletic, fitness, and outdoor
accessories industry, joining Implus
as Interim Chief Executive Officer. 

Polk’s leadership journey has a rich history. His tenure at Newell Brands, as President and CEO
from 2011 to 2019, was marked by significant growth of the company. Michael
Polk’s strategic acumen

and operations experience, honed at esteemed companies like Unilever, Kraft,
and The Procter & Gamble Company, are highly respected in the business world. 

Now, as Michael Polk steps into his new role at Implus, industry observers
are watching with anticipation. Implus is a global leader in consumer-packaged
goods, home to over 20 brands. Polk’s appointment signifies a strategic move
towards next-level growth for the corporation. 

Michael Polk’s ability to drive growth while strengthening a company’s core competencies will
be crucial for Implus. With his vast experience, Polk’s leadership is expected
to invigorate the company’s brands, accelerate its growth, and strengthen its
position in the market. As Implus strides into its next phase, it’s clear that
Michael Polk’s leadership will be instrumental. Visit this page on
LinkedIn, for additional information. 


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