Wes Edens is an American billionaire who founded New Fortress Energy, an international natural gas producer. Under his leadership, New Fortress Energy has been listed as one of the most successful, fastest-growing companies in America’s natural gas and oil industry.

Wes Edens’s company has supplied gas to several top Fortune companies.

NFE allows partnerships with companies to explore international opportunities. Wes Edens has remained the Chairman of New Fortress Energy, a successful company he founded. He has led the company to be one of the fastest-growing natural gas companies in the industry. His company has been listed as one of the most successful, fastest-growing companies in the energy industry.

NFE is always focused on creating sustainable sources of energy, which is a contributing factor to its growth. New Fortress has constructed billions worth of LNG terminals to expand its reach. Edens has created an opportunity for the company to become a significant global supplier for many other companies.

He has expanded New Fortress Energy’s capabilities to where it is one of the largest natural gas and oil distributors in critical global markets. NFE is focused on constructing more FLNG terminals with partnerships to increase its energy supply efficiency within the global economy.

Edens has made it his goal to create a more environmentally-friendly method of harvesting energy, which results in more money for shareholders. He had steered New Fortress Energy and its subsidiaries toward success, even when the stock price was at an all-time low.

Unlike most entrepreneurs, Edens has been clear on his goals and objectives as he began and grew his company. This gives investors greater confidence that he is always focused on long-term success for New Fortress Energy. New Fortress Energy is planning on delivering its first Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) in the near future. Delivering FLNG will enable maximum utilization of unused gas.