When the war between Ukraine and Russia started, several people globally felt affected by the challenging situation. One of them is Ron Gutman, Intrivo’s co-founder. He went to Ukraine to find out how the situation was and know the help patients and healthcare workers needed.


That was when many people relocated to the western area of the nation. It led to overcrowding and a surge in Covid cases, negatively influencing the area’s healthcare facilities, as Ron Gutman points out. He noted that the country needed support in protecting those fighting for it, overall, on those that currently live in refugee camps.


A Visit to Lviv to Understand the Real Situation

Visiting the affected areas made the healthcare and business expert Gutman see the situation from a different angle and the kind of support he could get for Ukraine once he returned to the United States. He made plans for Intrivo to donate Covid testing supplies and software to healthcare facilities for workers to identify infected patients. Ron Gutman has had huge success at helping those who need urgent help to fight against the pandemic.


Gutman hoped that testing and isolation of more people could help prevent the spread of the virus. He led Intrivo to donate one million dollars’ worth of test kits, software, and hardware to Lviv’s healthcare facilities. According to Ron Gutman, the region required support during that challenging period because if one healthcare professional tested positive for Covid, that could mess up the area’s healthcare system. 


He also noted that medical facilities in Ukraine needed proper products, services, and devices to curb the surge in Covid cases.


Rallying for More Donations

After traveling back to America, Ron Gutman requested support from healthcare companies to get more donations for Ukraine to support the overwhelmed healthcare facilities.