Randy DouthitLike all other industries, the television industry was significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic through the postponement of filming. The ones who went ahead had to adapt to new health measures to contain the spread of Covid-19. These effects had equal effects on Randy Douthit, a renowned executive producer who plays a pivotal role in the production of Emmy’s award-winning courtroom show Judge Judy. The pandemic posed a matchless set of challenges that had never been experienced before; thus, for Randy, he needed to adjust as quickly as possible to stay in the game.

The testing and safety procedures that were put in place increased the time taken to complete a shoot and added to the overall cost of production. Additionally, there were tangible effects felt by those working on the sets, such as wearing masks. There were also testing and vaccination requirements, and all these changes brought a new attitude.

Randy Douthit stressed the importance of personal safety by raising awareness as the crew would embrace more safety measures after seeing their value. Most of the crew members who were in denial about getting tested earlier on, after getting the exposure, were the first in line to get the tests. Apart from the tests and masks put in place, additional measures included decongestion of studios to minimize the exposure.

Office workers were not the only ones who utilized the technology of working from home but also the cast. Judge Judy Sheindlin presided over cases remotely, unlike how other non-televised court proceedings were moved to video conferencing platforms. Sheindlin would deliver rulings from the East Coast while sitting in front of a production background familiar to Judge Judy viewers. After completing the final season of Judge Judy, Randy Douthit and Judy Sheindlin signed a deal with IMDb TV to stream their new show, Judy Justice.

Randy DouthitRandy Douthit is an American Producer born in Newberg, Oregon. He studied at Stanford University and Portland State University. He was the recipient of the Peabody award in Washington in 1991 and is well known for his role as the producer of the Judge Judy show.