How Securus Technologies Made Our Prison Safer

My team of corrections officers have been noticing violence escalating in our prison in recent years. The contributing factors are due to overcrowding, drugs, and increased gang members to the jail. Our team has been making strides towards reducing violence but we still had a long way to go this year. The meeting that we had earlier in the year with Securus Technologies proved to be a turning point in how we took back control of this prison from the inmates.


Securus Technologies has developed an inmate telephone call monitor that is able to work around the clock without officers having to be present. In the past, officers would need to be stationed in the call center while inmates used the jail phone, listening to every word by every inmate. Today, the LBS software does that work, allowing officers to be elsewhere in the prison taking care of more pressing issues.


The team at Securus Technologies are based in Dallas, and all thousand employees worked towards the company mission of making the world safer for all. With these same monitoring units in 2,600 jails around the country, we felt confident we made the right choice to make the switch.


Now that we are able to put officers in the visitor center to locate the transfer of drugs and get more officers in the cells for surprise inspections, we have been seeing a drop in violent episodes. To give you an example of what is happening now that the LBS software is scanning inmate calls, here is what happened this week. A call was detected where an inmate told his sister how to sneak drugs past the guards. A call was detected where an inmate spoke about drug use in the cell. Each time this occurs, we get to the location and eliminate the issue immediately.