Doe Deere Leads LimeCrime in a Unique and Revolutionary Style

No day is typical for LimeCrime founder and CEO Doe Deere. In fact, nothing about her business is typical either. That was why she first started her web-based makeup line in 2008. She found that some of the bright and bold colors she was drawn to weren’t readily available. She started by experimenting with different looks and posting them on social media before starting her own brand. LimeCrime supports unique people with untraditional makeup colors and more recently semi-permanent hair dyes modeled after Deere’s bold hair color choices. All of LimeCrime products are vegan and cruelty-free.


While there is no average day for Deere, her morning routine helps give her consistency and enables her to prepare for the day. The first part of her beauty routine is starting with a good night’s sleep, which she says is good for clear skin. She allows herself to wake up naturally without an alarm clock. She considers herself a morning person and likes to spend some time thinking and reveling in the moment. Since she lives in Los Angeles, which is dry, she knows hydration is important. A perk of living in Los Angeles is that her breakfast often includes fresh oranges from a tree in her yard.


Deere prefers to keep her morning somewhat free of devices, while still allowing herself to consult her schedule on her phone. She also spends some time sending messages to her staff to keep things on track, but tries to preserve emails and other tasks for later in the day. In fact, she usually doesn’t head to the office until around noon.


Obviously makeup is an important part of her day, since it is her livelihood and passion. Deere starts with the basics, caring for her skin by washing with a gentle cleanser and moisturizing. From there she moves to foundation. LimeCrime has their own foundation in the works, which she looks forward to releasing soon. Her favorite makeup to apply is blush and lipstick. She relies on LimeCrime’s Matte Velvetine line for her lipstick, choosing a bold hue in pink or red such as Rustic, Red Velvet, or Pink Velvet. She cherishes her time alone doing makeup and finds it freeing.


After styling her purple hair in romantic waves and spending time with her beloved cats, she is ready to start her day. Her love of animals is part of the brand’s dedication to create products that haven’t been tested on animals and is vegan. They are certified by PETA and the lesser known Leaping Bunny Foundation, which is internationally recognized. From start to finish the beauty brand is unique, and seeks to revolutionize makeup. A cult favorite, LimeCrime sets trends instead of following norms, and hopes to inspire its users to pursue their own individual style.


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