HuffPost’s Rebranding Correlates Perfectly With Talk Fusion According to CEO

Talk Fusion is an exciting video marketing company put together by Bob Reina. It has been making a name for itself over the last few years. Reina is not only the founder of the company; he serves as its CEO and has been doing his best to spread the word about this video marketing company and what it can do for businesses who trust it.


Reina provided two articles to a major online news outlet to try to explain how helpful the company is and the company’s vision. The one thing that made this a little strange was his articles were released as The Huffington Post was re-branding itself to HuffPost. One of the articles he wrote was called “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience.” The article’s intent was to promote video marketing as a whole but also the importance of paying attention to one’s audience.


The second article published was called “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters,” which was published under The Huffington Post’s new name. This was an interesting coincidence since the new HuffPost was attempting to rebrand itself for a new audience, and the article discussed just how important it is to cater to an audience, even if that audience is disengaged with the material presented to them. One of the reasons HuffPost decided to change was because it aims to change its mission. The online news outlet wants to tell the story of all the people in America who feel left out of the conversation.


Reina felt great to know that his article was published under this new mission statement from the news outlet because it rang true to him. This move also correlated with Talk Fusion because the company thrives on innovation, and it thrives on companies knowing the importance of being able to grow as a brand. Perhaps this is one reason Reina has been an avid HuffPost reader and contributor. He has been able to provide the online news outlet with articles about video technology trends, lifestyle, self-development, and marketing since August 2016.


It is easy to see how a successful Video Marketing Solution such as Talk Fusion came from Reina by simply reading some of his contributions to the outlet. The company has been helping to develop businesses and make them competitive in a very harsh market. The company has also increased the sales and profits of many of the businesses that have trusted its video solutions. The company is active in more than 140 countries though there is likely more to be added to the list because the company is bent on growth. Learn more: