Bruno Fagali: Uncompromise Integrity To Legal Profession

Bruno Fagali is the CEO and Founder of the Fagali Advocacy Law Firm based in Brazil. Bruno Fagali has worked on the legal platform for more than three decades of professional experience. This is the reason why he is looking forward to solving most of the legal problems facing his clients in and out of the country. When it comes to professionalism and integrity in the legal industry, Bruno Fagali is the benchmark in Brazil. Bruno Fagali has always assimilated the best business ordeals in a manner that sets him apart in this industry. This is why his services are assimilated massively.


Bruno Fagali is an attorney with a wide range of expertise. As well all know, the legal arena is very wide. Therefore, it is important for attorneys to specialize in the smaller aspects of the law to offer the best legal services to their clients. Bruno Fagali is specialized in the Anti-Corruption and Public Law. Under this law, Bruno Fagali specializes in the issuance of services such as urban law, administrative contracts, civil and administrative liability processes, public civil actions, regulatory law, and the bidding law. Because of his prowess in handling court cases, Bruno Fagali is one of the most sought attorneys based in Brazil. Bruno Fagali has also worked for various multi-lateral companies based in and out of the country.

When you look at the various corruption allegations associated with the public arena, Bruno Fagali has initiated Special Forces towards making this world a better place. Bruno Fagali has also assisted the country to initiate many actions that are geared towards making it a better place for everyone. When Bruno Fagali founded the Fagali Law Firm, he made sure his law company set the trend for others to follow. This is because the law industry does not allow people to practice with poor business volumes. Bruno Fagali has also held numerous positions as a legal representative. Bruno Fagali is the current Corporate Integrity Manager for the Nova S/B Company based in Brazil. Bruno Fagali secured the opportunity to work for the company to offer the best management solution for his associated benefits.