Foucault Pendulum Donation To OCC

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 and classes started in 1948. It is one of the largest transfer colleges in the country. OCC is ranked number 65 out of 5,000 community colleges spread out across the United States that award students associates degrees. Learn more:


Many positive changes have been happening at Orange Coast College over the past few years. While it is not large like a university and does not have the active campus life that larger universities have, it still is recognized for diverse programs. OCC is known for its rowing team and other sports teams. This coast town college is also undergoing many renovations as of the past few years.


In 2015 a new math, business and computing center was completed on the campus. In January of 2008 a new library was built and the Lewis Science Building was also renovated. A Starbucks was built by the art center and that makes Orange Coast College the only community college in Orange County with a Starbucks on their campus.


In addition to these renovations and new builds, Orange Coast College recently had a large donation made towards their planetarium. Retired OCC professor Mary McChesney donated a million dollars in honor of her late partner Adelyn Bonin. Adelyn was also previously a professor at OCC. The donation is to fund a Foucault pendulum in the new planetarium that is currently being built. The old planetarium only could seat 35 guests; the new one being constructed will be able to seat 125 and will have an exhibit hall that will feature the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This new Foucault pendulum will demonstrate the Earth’s rotation and benefit the students at OCC as well as the community. Field trips containing elementary school and high school students will benefit from the information they will gain at the new Orange County College Planetarium. Learn more: