Brad Reifler’s Forefront Capital; A Financial Services Powerhouse

Brad Reifler can aptly be described as the American entrepreneur who has made a lot of fortune creating solutions in the financial services sector. His most notable achievement is Forefront Capital where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler is revered in corporate America for having have founded Pali Capital Inc. Brad grew up in the United States and was raised by his parents in the Los Angeles neighborhoods. When Brad was growing up, his parents recognized the importance of quality education; they sent him to one of the most distinguished institutions of higher learning, the Ivy League Harvard College. Brad Reifler also went to the Bowdoin College.

Reifler began his entrepreneurial journey in the world of financial services in the year 1982. He discovered the power of entrepreneurship and wanted to leave a mark in the corporate world. His inaugural trading outfit was Reifler Trading Corporation. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

This company had interests in the global derivatives execution. Reifler Trading would be his trading outfit for the next 18 years. Brad Reifler amassed a lot of experience and expertise in the world of financial services. When the time came for Brad to pursue bigger challenges, he decided to sell Reifler Trading to Refco Inc. The millions he made from the sale of Reifler Trading enabled him to have the financial muscle he needed for subsequent ventures.

After Reifler Trading Corporation, Brad started yet another brand he called Reifler Capital Management. Given the broad network that Brad had established for the two decades he had been in business, He was able to steer his new outfit to instant success.

All the people he had helped grow their wealth in the past 20 years followed him to his new company. Brad Reifler is also credited as the man behind the success Pali Capital. During his stint as the CEO of Pali Capital, the company was able to record annual revenues of over $100 million.

Brad’s career in the world of financial services can be described as an overall success. Brad has always encouraged individuals from the middle-income bracket to come out and play a role in the financial investment sector.

The Success of Mark Sparks in Business and Philanthropic Undertakings

Mark Sparks is a wealthy business mogul and philanthropist who owns a series of enterprises in the United States. Sparks is also a talented author and has written a bestseller book that is called They Can’t Eat You. He is always devoted to bettering the lives of the people of Dallas and established Spark Tank a few years ago. The program has enabled many individuals in Dallas-Fort to access many various social and business benefits. Spark Tank is focused on transforming the world.


Sparks is the founder and owner of various businesses, and they have all been successful under his administration. The venture capitalist has acquired sufficient knowledge in the corporate sector, and he also guides other entrepreneurs on how they can be prosperous in their undertakings. Mark has invested heavily in the telecommunications industry, and this has assisted him in accumulating a lot of wealth. The firms that he has established include Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless, and Cardinal Telecom. The businessman has also set up himself well in the real estate sector.


Mark Sparks has conducted several philanthropic undertakings with Lynne Sipiora. The two met about 15 years ago, and they have joined efforts to build a powerful emperor. They started by acquiring a little shelter that was based in the rundown houses and successfully changed it into a three million dollar enterprise that has been beneficial to hundreds of people. The name of the shelter is Samaritan Inn and has successfully fed the homeless and hungry from the time that it was founded in the 1980s.


Lynn and Mark also worked together to establish the first intermediate apartments that are based in North Texas. They also built a successful thrift store in the region, and it has been changing the lives of many individuals. The duo has currently developed shelters that are worth about $7 million to support needy people in the country. Lynn played a significant role in convincing Mark Sparks to establish Spark Tank.


Spark Tank encourages entrepreneurs in the region to apply for funding for their businesses They are supported according to their abilities, needs, and presentation. The company willingly offers its support the businesspeople who have innovative ideas that can make significant changes to the lives of the communities who are around them and the world. The program has enabled several emerging entrepreneurs to establish successful ventures and also generate income that can allow them to support their families well.


Mark Sparks has been sharing his story of success with various young entrepreneurs across the country, and he encourages them to work hard so that they can be successful like him. He has given his story in his book, They Can’t Eat You, and it is a best seller in the markets.


Get to Know Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is known for his medical professional work, specifically chiropractic care. Brian Torchin is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he began his journey in starting up his own innovative health care company. Taking his passion and extensive knowledge for health care, Brian Torchin became the founder and a managing partner for the company Health Care Recruitment Counselors, a business that specializes in staffing and providing a consulting firm.

Brian Torchin’s Facebook displays his devotion to his work, as he offers a group to join which informs members of chiropractic news and information about available health care positions throughout the United States. News about upcoming seminars is also provided on Brian Torchin’s Facebook group page.

Facebook is not the only place that Brian Torchin can be found, as he is also an active Twitter user. On Twitter, Torchin can be found promoting chiropractors from different areas of the United States, as his tweets will include the city, state, and link to the reference.

These tweets can be helpful for those who are seeking employees in a certain area, or for employees themselves looking for work, as health care jobs are not always advertised publicly.

Although Brian Torchin has been successful communicating health care positions and information across social media sites, his achievements reach further beyond internet communication platforms.

Torchin also has his Bachelor’s of Exercise Science degree, as well as quite a bit of experience working as a chiropractor. The education and experience that Torchin obtained has helped him create a leading, successful company.

Why Use Wen By Chaz On Fine Hair

Wen by Chaz Dean is a hair care product that many women have heard about through infomercials. Wen is a product that was made for all types of hair. Chaz Dean ( was determined to create a haircare product that could be used by women with any type of hair. He wanted his haircare product to be revolutionary. He did not want a product that was full of parabens, sulfates, chemicals and dyes. Dean wanted to create a product that was as natural as possible and that gave a woman’s hair the maximum benefit.

Dean recognized that many of the haircare products on the market stripped women’s hair of its natural oils, and he wanted to avoid that with this product. Dean was able to meet with many of the industry leaders in professional hair care products, and he created WEN. Wen quickly became popular among his clients, and he put it out on the market. Now Wen by Chaz Dean is one of the most popular cleansing conditioners available, and it is easy to see why.

Emily McClure from The Bustle is a haircare enthusiast. McClure is a woman who has fine hair, and she is constantly looking for new products for her hair. McClure heard a lot of good things about Wen, so she decided to try Wen on her hair. McClure did a seven day trial, and she wrote about her experience on The Bustle.

McClure found that Wen by Chaz Dean is a product that is true to its Facebook fame. Wen really made her hair feel thick and shiny after the first use. McClure does recommend this product to women who have fine hair like herself, but it is a product that needs to be used consistently because if it is not use each day, a woman’s hair can feel a little bit greasy.

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Dick DeVos, The Michigan Man Working To Help America

Richard DeVos Jr. or Dick DeVos as he is referred to is a businessman and philanthropist hailing from Michigan. For the past few years, DeVos has been leading Amway, a multinational company that was founded by his father. DeVos is known to be an excellent businessman who has taken Amway to new heights and new territories. He worked as the CEO of Amway right from 1993 to 2002. During that time, DeVos transformed Amway into the global network it is today, operational in over fifty countries around the world. DeVos especially has an eye for international business, as he used to work as the Vice President for the international division of the company. DeVos is known to have been an excellent leader who always knew what was best for his business. This tremendous leadership and skills in the field are what has got DeVos to the position he is in today.


Even though DeVos may have been heavily invested into his company and maintaining its status as one of the tops of its kind, his real passion has always been philanthropy and helping people. Since the start of his career, DeVos knew that his true calling in life was to make other people happy and to help them lead a more comfortable and healthy life and even back then, made many efforts to make a difference. When he got married to Betsy, the both of them shared their common love for helping people and wanting to make a difference. Therefore, to support their idea of wanting to help people more, DeVos started up The DeVos Family Foundation along with his wife, to fulfill their ambitions of making a difference. The Foundation was established with a view to helping organizations who were working towards the betterment of society.


The Education Freedom Fund was one of the most important aspects of the organization, which was main to fuel the interest of DeVos’s wife and her interest at improving the education system in the country. DeVos actively handed out scholarships to students who showed exemplary skill in their academics or the arts. He gave them scholarships with the hope that they would use it to seek out a better level of education to strengthen their skills and be better at what they do. DeVos also offers students who attend his alma mater with scholarships as a way to repay back the educational institution for contributing to the success that he has today.


Even though DeVos is known to be one of the richest people in America, he does not let that phase him from his goal of giving back to the community. He believes that by using his resources to good use, and by helping people, he can indeed bring about change in America.