Doug HaynesDoug Haynes got into his unique business many years ago. The thought of establishing this business was always in the mind of the consultant ever since he was in the university. Doug was a student at the famous University of Virginia. In this time of his life, the consultant began getting exposed to a completely different side of the world of business. The consultant had joined the school to study engineering months earlier. Although with the engineering background, Doug Haynes began learning about different industries in the corporate world, various ways of solving problems and many other new concepts. Doug changed his thinking mentality after interacting with students and professors in the university. Exploring business through the world of consulting became an area of interest for the engineering student, and since then, he never looked back. Even with all the change in mentality and motivation acquired by the consultant when starting in his career, he was still not aware that he would land as many opportunities as he has today. The experiences acquired by the business consultant have been very different from what he had in mind from the start of his consulting career. Every day in the industry has been a learning time for the professional. New business connections, relationships and experiences have dominated the time Doug Haynes has been working.

Doug Haynes, from his pioneer days in consulting, has been enjoying his time meeting amazing colleagues. The customers in search of management consulting have not been a great bother to the life of the leader. In fact, most of them have turned to be brilliant long term client who want to walk their professional journeys with Doug. The tough challenges coming into the professional life of the executive have made everything about the industry exciting. Doug longs for the days he has to wake up to receive his customers at work, just to offer them the solutions they need to develop better businesses. Doug services assist the management level professionals to handle their roles in a better and effective way. The career enjoyed by Doug is what he has always asked for when he was growing up.