The Corona Virus turned the world on its head. It is one of those things that the world and businesses had to adapt to. Things changed quickly, and businesses had to adapt to it. Many people are now working at home in order to keep themselves safe. Ron Gutman is one of the leaders that is heading in the right direction when it comes to leadership in a crisis like this.


This should not be new for leaders like Ron Gutman. Leaders need to take a step back, and figure out the best way to move companies forward now during the post pandemic era. They should have been planning this for quite some time. It was the perfect storm of conditions, and it came together in the blink of an eye. This is what changed the business landscape.


This is why Ron Gutman took control and formed teams. This way people could talk to one another about what is going on in the current business framework. They can figure out the best ways to adjust it, so workers can be safe from something like the CoronaVirus, and the variants of the disease. 


Taking things one step at a time can be the best way to get through a difficult situation like the Covid-19 pandemic. Taking control is what it is about for Ron Gutman and his team. They know what to do when the chips are down, and how to keep workers safe. To that end, that is the most important thing for any size business.

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